Last Update : Dec 1 2002

Summary : When several Preventors are gruesomely slain, Zechs Merquise and his partner, Chang Wufei, are sent after the killers. On the rebound from Heero's sudden absence in his life, Duo Maxwell joins them on their search and sets his sights on the beautiful blond. But everyone gets more than they bargained for.

Pairings : 1+2x6 5+6 13x6 3x4/4x3

Warnings : R Mild Yaoi/Shonen ai Violence DARK Xover

Dedicated to one of my best friends who encouraged me and told me to keep going when others though the idea was sick and twisted. Killaria, you are a goddess. This is for you...

Disclaimers : I don't own these characters or the universes I'm playing with here. They belong to other people. All Hail the TPTB!

Chapters :

Prologue : Oblivion
One : Enter the Players
Two : The Game Begins
Three : Signs and Portents
Four : All that Glitters
Five : Follow the Yellowbrick Road
Six : Dreams and Nightmares
Seven : Careful What You Wish For
Eight : Spectres of the Past
Nine : Red as Roses
Ten : The Value of Sacrifice
Eleven : Game Over or Continue...
Twelve : Ah! The Sweet Suffering
Epilogue : And Ever After

Thanks to T for listening and BJ for giving me funny looks and bouncing ideas even though the story was very much not her thing. 

Please, feedback is good. Let me know what you think! It keeps me writing and improving.


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