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Hello everyone! I've decided to do a new look for the site though my page has absolutely nothing to do with X. I hope you like it. The old version was bothering me. You may notice I cut the recommendations page since I would never get the guts to go around asking people if I could link to the stuff I liked. Actually, I'd really like to know what you think of it or if you have any suggestions. I know you people are there, I've checked the number of page views I get. Please, leave a comment in the guestbook if you don't feel like emailing me.

Updates :

Sept 29 : I've added two new stories. Sorry for the long break, I just couldn't seem to get anything finished. The first story is a short Rurouni Kenshin introspection entitled 'Never'. The second is a Pirates story called 'Eye of the Beholder' and it seems like it may be the first in a series. At least, it will be if I manage to get the time to write. Have you ever felt that you're running in circles, faster and faster but getting nowhere? That's me. I have seven classes all of them engineering or computer science and all of them difficult. My only consolation is that everyone feels the same way (and most of them only have 5 classes). I must enjoy pain to be taking two extra.

Feb 20 : I won! ~Jumps around happily~ 'What is Your Pleasure, Sir?' came in first in the 'Devil with an Angel's Face' contest. The other entries were great too, so you should take a look at some of them. There's a link from the fic's page. I've also added the 13x6 vamp story, 'Always and Forever', I was talking about last update. I realize I will never finish my Gundam Wing Scary Stories fic so you'll have to make do with one tale from it instead. Creepy vampires and romance, oh my!

Jan 11 : I've added a HL/WK crossover piece. I didn't get as much done over the holidays as I had planned to. Sorry. I also wrote part of a GW story that could stand by itself, but I'm going to force myself to finish it so you'll have to wait. So, you will eventually get cliche 13x6 vamps, but not yet.

Dec 1 : "What is Your Pleasure, Sir?" is complete! The fate of all your favourite characters is revealed. I've posted the last few parts as one lump since I had time to go over everything today. PLEASE let me know what you think. I mean, it's not often I write my idea of a romance ~g~ A romance between monsters, that is.

Projects :

Here's the stuff lurking on my harddrive and in my head that may someday be finished.

When I call these projects, that means they may never be written. I'll try, but I'm very slow. If there is a link, there may be some of the story is done and posted.



Pairings : Jack/Will

Tentatively titled PotC series.

Eye of the Beholder : Will discovers that the voices in Jack's head are a bit more real than he thought.

King of the Rain : A freak storm strands Will on an island that has become the battleground between the charismatic leader of the island's people and a backwoods maniac.

Red Horizon : Jack Sparrow dreamed of being the most feared pirate not just in the Spanish Main, but the entire world. But there are those that are more terrifying than even the captain of the infamous Black Pearl.

Siren : There are more curses than those that rest on pieces of gold.

Freedom : Being the true tale of the pirate William Turner, from his engagement with Elizabeth Swann to the fate of the dreaded Black Pearl.

STATUS First story complete.


The Third Wish

Pairings : Jack/Will

When Jack hears a strange tale of an old woman who will grand three wishes if you find her, he decided to go after what he's always wanted, but sometimes the worst curse of all is getting exactly what you ask for.

STATUS Outlined.


Moments of Clarity a WIP

Pairings : Methos/Kronos eventually, Caspian/OMC non-con implied

Caspian Resfic! What if Kronos was not the only one to return? Sequel to "Alone"

Xover Highlander/Brimstone

STATUS Half written, the rest is planned.


Buffy: Alternates

Pairing : None yet. Eventually Methos/Xander/Spike

This is an AU where Methos is sent to Sunnydale as a second Watcher after the events of One Minute to Midnight and Judgement Day. It begins in Season One of Buffy, where events begin to deviate, slowly at first, an become almost unrecognizable in the years to come. I only have one story completed and it is the intro story, so there is almost no deviation from the episode at all. This will change as I get furthur into it. Highlander/Buffy Xover

STATUS One story complete. Next story partially written and outlined. On indefinate hold.


The Death Saga with Killaria

Pairings : Methos/Edward

To prevent interferance by Methos after Archangel, Ahriman sends Methos to an alternate reality, where all the things we consider myths are real. There he meets Edward, the preternatural assassin, known as Death...

Highlander/Anita Blake Xover

STATUS Planned. We just have to get our asses in gear.


By the Wayside

Pairings : 13+6 1+2 3+4 5+6+13 (all shonen ai, which will make sense when you read the summary)

Wayside School has always been a little odd, something that probably started when it was built sideways by mistake (the builder said he was very sorry), but its about to get a little stranger when Duo Maxwell transfers and is put in Mr. Tuberov's class on the 30th floor.

Gundam Wing/Wayside School Fusion

STATUS Laughs hysterically. I have no time, I don't know when I'm going to write this. Probably after I finish "What is Your Pleasure, Sir?" It's going to be a series of short chapters, just like the books. Don't worry, the G Boys aren't going to be too little, and there is no shota. I've just put pairings because, as they say, "...someone has a crush, nyah, nyah, nyah..."


Roads Less Travelled

Pairings : 2x1 4x3 6x5 1+R 5+S implied past 13x6 6x9

Part 1 : The Dark Path

Duo Half-Elven and Heero Yuy, also known as the mercenaries Shinigami and the Perfect Soldier, are hired by the White Sorceress Relena to stop the Dark Ones of the North from gaining control of ancient Elven magic. They are not alone in their quest for others have sensed an evil rising. Chang Wufei, Dragon Warrior and last of his clan, has come from the East chasing those who have destroyed all he loved. Trowa Beastwalker and the dryad Quatre have left the forest they are sworn to protect in search of the invaders into their world. And Zechs Merquise, an elf raised by humans, has gone in search of his heritage. But all is not as it seems.

Part 2 : The White Road

Only those with pure intent may tred the White Road without fear, or so it has been said, but the end of the quest is looking farther away than ever as the band of heroes has turned against itself. Of Trowa and Quatre, there is no trace, and Zechs has fled after the mysterious death of Sally Po, a death Wufei has sworn to avenge. Meanwhile, a new power rises in the North, the demon sword Epyon in its grasp. What do you do when the enemy wears the face of a friend?

Gundam Wing Fantasy AU

STATUS Not very far. I'm still trying to work out all the logistics of the story.


Dance of the Wicked Blade

Pairings: SaitohxSano

These fly in the face of cannon and history. Oh well, that shouldn't get in the way of a good story. Maybe I should finish watching the anime and reading the manga too... naah.

Moments in Time -- (Past) Sagara Souzou POV of his death as an immortal.

New Friends are Silver -- (Modern) Richie makes a new friend and brings him home when Duncan is out, but there's something funny about that Sano fellow...

And the Angel of Death Behind Me -- (Past) When Sanosuke returns from wandering the world he struggles to hide his immortality from his friends, but this may prove futile when it seems something has followed him back to Tokyo. Caught in a battle against a supernatural enemy, he finds an unexpected ally in a fellow immortal, Saitoh Hajime.

Untitled -- (Modern) Sano and Saitoh meet the Clan MacCleod. Haven't you ever just wanted to stick Methos in the same room with these two? I know I'm not alone here, I have at least one other person that agrees Saitoh reminds them of Methos.

STATUS I really just should get started on this one. I can write the first two stories right now, but I'm lazy.

HL/Rurouni Kenshin Xover


Untitled Anita Blake/Weiss Kreuz

Pairings : Crawford x Nagi

Edward calls in a favor from everyones favourite Oracle. He needs Anita protected while he goes hunting. Too bad for them that Anita has more than one set of enemies.

STATUS Gee, this may get done by, say, the next millenium. I have all the stuff above this to finish first.


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